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DataNexGen team is focused exclusively on Oracle Database solutions and staffed with the experts who help you design, and manage database architectures and implementations that ensure continued access to data, prevents data loss, minimizes business disruption, lowers costs, reduces risk and, above all, meets your service level requirements.

One of the foremost critical factors of a stable and optimized database environment is to have the basics right. Therefore, an initial database architectural design and configuration is the foundation for any stable and optimized database environments. For sure, no Organization wants to compromise on the stability and frequent breakdowns in their environments.

We assist our customers to design a solid database foundation in the form of good architecture design, ensuring best practices are in place etc.

In nutshell, we provide the following solutions:

  • Design a solid database architectural design to support from a small scaled to very large databases (VLDBs) environments
  • Apply best practices to avoid any foreseen database related issues
  • Provides capacity planning for 5 years seamless database operations
  • Heath checks and validate existing configuration
  • Identify and recommend Database compression to gain storage savings
  • Implement Data archiving and in-database archiving practices

Does your management understand the consequences of persisting with the non-supportive Oracle versions? Not fully aware of the advantages of upgrading the databases?

Our Oracle DBAs have ample of experience in successfully executing database upgrades and migrations. We knew which methodology or approach best suits to your business in order to achieve the goals without any troubles. Let our expert team visit and explain you to comprehend what organizations loose by persisting with out-of-support versions and how the enhancements of new versions would help the business to achieve more stability, optimization and cost savings.

Our methodology helps you with the minimal amount of risk and disruption to your business. Our experienced experts can give you priceless peace of mind as you prepare your business for tomorrow.

In nutshell, we offer the following services:

  • We conduct complete assessment of current state and provide analysis, remediation, technology and infrastructure review
  • Version upgrades
  • Platform and technology migrations
  • On-premises to cloud

Does your organization follow quarterly patching tradition?
Does your organization have right resource and skill set to foresee and fix any database related problems?

DataNexGen offers complete Oracle database health checks, targeted at assessing the performance, stability and availability of your organization’s Oracle based systems. This analysis is focused on performance, security, migration, upgrade, or availability issues and concerns. The goal of this health check is to help you save time, money and identify potential issues ensuring that your Oracle database systems are fully optimized.

DataNexGen can help you in the following:

  • Quarterly PSU patch deployments
  • Regular DB health checks (system wide)
  • Identifying potential risks

Performance Tuning

DataNexGen Oracle Performance Tuning Service helps to identify performance problems in the holistic systems infrastructure depending on Oracle databases. We examine application server, database server, storage, and network performance to identify, tune, and remediate issues that are impeding peak performance and delivery of infrastructure service quality. As performance tuning is not guesswork; our performance experts gain a deep understanding of the organization’s Oracle environments and identify any cross‐functional problems and knowledge gaps. Using specially developed and standard toolsets, we analyze systems performance, including but not limited

  • Server hardware and storage configuration
  • Systems resource utilization – memory, CPU, disk I/O data
  • Oracle configuration and parameter settings, and OS configuration
  • Oracle performance data and statistics
  • Execution plans
  • Oracle database configuration and file layout
  • Maintenance plans and jobs
  • Backup/recovery
  • SQL & PL/SQL code
  • Other processes and applications
  • Resource waits and process blocking

Oracle High Availability Solutions (RAC) provides a clustered environment that allows your business to continue processing database workloads even in the event of a single database server failure and further reduces the cost of downtime by reducing the amount of time databases are taken offline for planned maintenance.

DataNexGen helps you for defining, designing, and delivering a successful Oracle RAC project with the aim to provide organizations horizontal scaling (or scale‐out) model along with innovative approach to the challenges of rapidly increasing amounts of data and demand for high performance.

In nutshell, we provide the following services:

  • Design and deploy suitable HA environments for your business critical databases
  • Configure the environments to best utilize the HA advantages, load balancing and failover
  • Deploy best practices to avoid any cluster pitfalls
  • Regular maintenance to keep the environment stable and optimized
  • Apply PSU patches
  • Design RAC based backup and recovery strategies

In today’s competitive and challenging business world, service continuity plays a vital role in Organizations reputation and its growth. Organizations spend huge amount of money to setup their disaster recovery solutions to achieve business continuity results.

We have an extensive experience in setting up Oracle disaster recovery solutions, also being part of our customer’s successful DR test drills. By putting all our vast DR knowledge and successfully implementations experience, we will design a tailor made best suitable disaster recovery solutions to your business critical Oracle databases. With our solutions, we ensure you get the maximum returns on your DR investment, by rightly utilization the DR databases to off load your heavy queries, daily batches, backups etc.

In nutshell, we do the following:

  • Meet and understand the requirements from the stakeholders (database, application, management and business continuity teams (DR))
  • Design, discuss and deploy the DR solution
  • Participate regularly in DR Test drills
  • Provide best practices on DR databases
  • Help you to reduce overall DR cost

DataNexGen genuinely knows the importance of data and its availability to the Organizations, also the impact of even losing a single critical transaction. We value your data, and we make sure to design and develop best backup and recovery procedures that would take away your backup and recovery worries.

Most Organizations treat all databases equally in terms of backup and recovery strategies. We will understand your current needs, and backup recovery procedures to optimize the current solution, also develop procedure to further save you from wasting your backup storage, reduce backup windows and improve overall recovery strategies.

With our huge successful experience, we can design and deploy backup and recovery best practices to suit your organization demands. We can design a variety of good backup and recovery solutions that will fit from a small scaled database to very large databases (VLDs)

In nutshell, we do the following:

  • Meeting with appropriate stakeholders (application, database, management and backup teams), to understand business needs.
  • Design, develop and deploy best practices
  • Optimize your backups and strategies to help you to reduce your storage, backup time and reduce the overall recovery time
  • Participate or perform restore and recovery operations
  • Test your backups and recovery procedures regularly

Considering the sensitivity of business database, no organization wants to compromise on database security. Typically, organizations focus on network, storage and other layers to implement the security control, forgetting the database layer. By just implementing the basic security options in Oracle databases, you could avoid many security issues in your oracle database.

DatanNexGen will help you understanding the various Oracle database security features available, and how they can contribute to protect your precious data from data thefts, achieving PCI compliance, controlling super users data access, separation of duties, data encryption etc.

In nutshell, we offer the following managed services:

  • Validate existing database security configuration
  • Apply PCI standards
  • Implement database encryption (TDE)
  • Audit Vault
  • Data Redaction
  • Data masking
  • Basic and Advanced audit settings
  • Database governance

Don’t you have sufficient time and right resources to provide a stable and optimized database environments? Is your DBA teams busy and engaged in day-to-day operational work and without having much time to test the enhancements and features?

Let our Oracle Database experts with decades of individual experience help you achieving the suitable and optimized database environment.

In nutshell, we offer the following managed services:

  • Round the clock DB monitoring services
  • Provide onsite and offsite services
  • SLA based managed services
  • On demand services
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